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    Do not let anyone use your private information or system remotely.
  • Use AVG Antivirus today.
  • If you are new to the world of technology, you might ask what antivirus software is.
  • Put simply, it is a data security software which is installed on your machine (PC, laptops, and smartphones) to protect them from phishing attacks, spams, viruses, Trojans, malware, spyware and so on.
  • With the widespread adoption of computers and the internet across the globe, the number of people who are using internet for their mysterious motives is on a steady rise too.
  • This is perhaps why there is an increased need for data security today.
  • Antivirus software acts as a shield when faced with such attacks and which could approach your system from the internet, CD/DVDs, external drives and other methods.
  • An ideal antivirus utility software like AVG Antivirus provides you with the much-needed security in terms of password protection, blocked ads, spam websites, robust web protection, a quick scan of removable devices, protection from phishing attacks and virus attacks.
  • AVG Antivirus is a renowned name in the antivirus software industry and comes loaded with a range of customizable features to meet your requirements.
  • Think no more, and secure your machine with AVG Antivirus software today!FEATURES AND BENEFITS:• File Shredder: The software comes equipped with a file shredder which deletes all your confidential data and information so that it cannot be recovered again.
  • • TuneUp Performance Scanner: This feature of AVG Antivirus enhances the performance of your system by deleting duplicate and old files, unnecessary software and the likes.
  • • An Array of Scans: The tool allows you to scan your system in six types.
  • Thus, you can choose the scan type which fits you the best.
  • • Malicious URL and Website Blocking: The tool blocks any malicious URL and blocking, and also wipes out the malware during download in real-time.
  • ReviewAVG Antivirus is a popular antivirus software from the house of AVG technologies, which are owned by Avast.
  • This utility tool has everything that you would ideally expect from antivirus software, from providing real-time protection to email scanning, web filtering, restricting ads and unwanted popups and blocking malicious websites and links.
  • This tool does all of it for you!Similar to various other software, this tool is also available as a free and paid version.
  • While the free version provides complete protection against all major online threats, if you still want to have high-end protection like firewall protection, email protection and the like, you can opt for the paid version.
  • The software is capable of neutralizing Trojans and rootkits before they get embedded into your system.
  • The full-system scan provided by the software is worth praise too.
  • It doesn’t use browser extensions and makes use of pop-up messages to alert you when you are trying to access a malicious link.
  • AVG places the harmful and infected files in quarantine.
  • This way, you cannot open the files until you have read the warning.
  • However, the software is easy to customize with it’s Settings Dialog that provides you with full control over the software.
  • Thus, if the program has kept a file in quarantine wrongly, which you think is safe, you can guide the software to return it to your computer before neutralizing other threats.
  • The software comes equipped with various scan types, namely: Computer Scan, Deep Scan, USB/DVD Scan, and then there are scans to check your PC performance and scheduled scan.
  • AVG also comes along with a File Shredder which deletes the important files and folders completely to make sure that they cannot be recovered.
  • All in all, AVG Antivirus is a comprehensive software that takes care of all your security needs on the go.
  • Is it available as a mobile app?YesDoes it provide a trial period?Yes, for 30 days 

Installer Size: 0.26 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: AVG Technologies

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