Apple Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 Cracked


Description: Apple Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 Cracked

    Apple’s desktop operating system X 10.
  • 10 for Mac computers.
  • Apple Mac OS X Yosemite is the second version of OS X since Apple switched from naming its annual OS X updates after big cats to places in California.
  • It has neatly side-stepped the problem of knowing the next available OS update for you after 10.
  • 9 by repudiating the use of numbers altogether, except in some geekier parts of the OS like System Information, where Yosemite is referred to as OS X 10.
  • 10.
  • Yosemite comes as a free update available from the App Store for all Macs dating back to 2007 iMacs and MacBook Pro models with a strong emphasis laid on the mobile side of things, the idea being to make the Mac a better partner to Apple’s mobile devices.
  • You get to discover this as soon as you boot up the new OS.
  • The Finder and Dock are loaded with new, flatter-looking icons, more redolent of iOS 8, while subtle, soft window-translucency effects further reiterate the mobile look.
  • Mac OS X Yosemite is designed to be as easy to use as it is beautiful to look at.
  • It provides users with an amazing collection of apps they will use on a daily basis as it allows your Mac and iOS devices to work wonderfully together.
  • It provides users on compatible Mac PCs with some performance improvements, enterprise features, bug fixes, improvements to Wi-Fi, support for the new Force Touch touchpad, a new Photos app, and Bluetooth performance and more racial diversity with emoji.
  • Furthermore, OS X Yosemite expands the number of supported Macs that can use 4K, 5K, and Ultra HD TVs.
  • Overall, Mac OS X Yosemite is recommended for users on older OS versions, although as usual, if you depend on specific hardware or applications you will want to confirm compatibility before taking the plunge.

Installer Size: 569 KB
Supported Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5.8, 10.6, 10.7.5, 10.8.5, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, macOS 10.12 Sierra
Developer: Apple Inc.

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