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Description: LinkAssistant SEO Software 6.26.2 Full Crack

    Easy link building? You got it – LinkAssistant delivers great links for your site hassle-free.
  • LinkAssistant searches for link partners in 748 search engines, using 6 different methods: 1.
  • by finding content-relevant sites based on your target keywords2.
  • by finding sites with submission forms3.
  • by finding link sources of your top online competitors 4.
  • by finding sites that already link to you5.
  • by collecting all the links coming from a specific webpage6.
  • by collecting all the links coming from a specific domainYou then check each linking page’s search engine and social media rankings and send out link requests to highest ranked prospects using the tool’s built-in mail client.
  • But LinkAssistant doesn’t stop there.
  • You may wonder if there a way to ensure that vast majority of link requests turn into fruitful link exchange? You bet! LinkAssistant has a way to find sites with link directories (read: sites that already exchange links).
  • Come to think of it, you even create your own link directory using LinkAssistant and upload it right to your site.
  • Link exchange galore!Use LinkAssistant to verify if your link partners are truly linking back by checking each linking page for JavaScript’s, frames, redirects, robots.
  • txt files and “NoFollow” attributes.
  • Link building trickery will not go unnoticed.
  • Squeeze more juice out of your link building campaign with Link Assistant’s SEO reports.
  • Look – all of the sudden boring numbers transform into eye-candy visuals, making it quick and easy to find partners that work.
  • Plus the reports come with site-specific link building advice written in a language any SEO novice can understand.
  • Speaking of languages, Link Assistant’s interface and reports come in 7 different languages: Spanish, English, German, Russian, French, Dutch, and Slovak.
  • Pick the one native to you and build links like crazy.
  • Ready to give LinkAssistant a try? Fire it up now on your favorite OS -Windows, Mac or Linux.

Installer Size: 263.03 MB
Supported Operating System:
Developer: SEO Software

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