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    Compression and extraction software to shrink down or reveal contents of compressed files.
  • One of the best ways to send documents, photos, and videos is through email.
  • Yet unfortunately, most email providers have a storage limit which prevents users from sending excessively large files to one another.
  • Consequently, users are forced to find alternative ways to send content to one another.
  • And of the very best ways to do just that is to compress and extract files with specialized software.
  • And one of the frontrunners of that software class is WinRAR, an advanced program that first came to PCs over 20 years ago.
  • WinRAR, nicknamed after the Russian inventor of the RAR compression format, allows users to shrink nearly every type of file into a compressed file which becomes easily transferrable.
  • Once shrunk, the file can be packed into various other folders, and stowed away on a device, or sent to another user.
  • Conversely, those using the software can also utilize it to unpack the compressed files that they receive from other users.
  • When using WinRAR, users can also encrypt files to make them more secure for transport.
  • Secure encryption encodes the files, which are then accessible only by those with access to the key.
  • Make your big issues small when you download WinRAR today.
  • FEATURES● Advanced File Compression – Compress files into micro-sized attachments that can easily be shared, saved, or stored on a device.
  • The advanced file compression technique allows users to share content in emails, USB discs, or hard drives without ever worrying about storage capacity.
  • ● Rapid Extraction – Rapidly extract files packed into compressed documents with WinRAR’s hasty extraction process.
  • Simply choose where the files should be directed to, and let the advanced compression software handle the rest.
  • ● Encrypted Files – Create encrypted folders with strict security protocols to ensure that a document is protected and kept private.
  • The advanced encryption method guarantees that a folder never becomes hacked or stolen by those without access to the encryption key.
  • Install WinRAR today and let the leading compression and extraction software pack all of your essential files.
  • WinRAR is available exclusively for Microsoft Windows.

Installer Size: 2.89 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: RARLAB

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