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Description: PDF Shaper v7.3 + Full Crack

    A resourceful PDF manipulator with accessible interface Most PDFs contain a combination of text and images which often means they can’t be opened with regular editors.
  • Maybe you only need to access the images of a PDF anyway, rendering the text useless.
  • PDF Shaper can extract the images for you and save them in a format that enables you to edit them.
  • Similarly, this software can convert PDFs into other formats, like Rich Text Format which is compatible with most word processors.
  • While PDF Shaper has considerable power, if you try and do too many different types of operations simultaneously, it can potentially overwhelm your system, so it’s recommended that you stick to one job type per session.
  • PDF Shaper also enables you to split or merge documents at the touch of a button.
  • If, for example, you have scanned a long article all in one go, you may wish to split it up later into more manageable chapters.
  • With PDF Shaper, you can split a document according to page range or even by using headers or titles which is also handy if you only want to share a part of the document.
  • Similarly, you can merge multiple documents to create on single file.
  • Using the simple interface, you can open as many windows simultaneously as you require.
  • A useful tool that’s easy to navigate and effective to use.

Installer Size: 8704 KB
Supported Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: Genericom

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