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    This is a party RPG game with a flair of its own! Divinity: Original Sin II comes after the first installment caught on quite a following and many awards.
  • Like its prequel, Original Sin II is a party RPG that offers tons of freedom with both single and multiplayer options.
  • Divinity: Original Sin II joins a party of up to 4 players on their quest to conquer the darkness that has taken over the world, accompanied by tons of origin stories and lore.
  • Players can explore the game as much as they want and learn about the world of Original Sin, or they can simply go through it quickly to see what the main story holds.
  • However, even this is not easy, as it requires a systematic and careful approach if the players are to survive.
  • The turn-based combat is still a big part of the game, and it has only gotten better.
  • Each character is unique, and each one of them has their own story to play out.
  • Original Sin II also has a new Game Master and PvP mode that make the whole thing even more exciting to play.
  • Even after you beat the game, there still are tons of things to do and explore.
  • FEATURES:● Supports 4K resolution ● New game mode: “Game Master” allows players to create mods, campaigns, and download content made by other players ● Offers split-screen or online multiplayer gameplay with a maximum of 4 players● One of the best turn-based combat systems ● The game gives players the freedom to experiment and explore as much as they want● Five different races and six character origins● Lots of content and about 80 hours of gameplay ● Players’ actions change the storyline in the game Divinity: Original Sin II is one of the top 10 RPGs of all time, and everyone who loves the genre should try it out.

Installer Size: 27750000 KB
Supported Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Blackberry, Windows 10
Developer: Genericom

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