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Description: Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 + Activation Crack

    Hide and sneak in this imaginative stealth horror game Hello Neighbor is a very thoughtful game.
  • As the player you start off by moving into a new house while your neighbour eyes you from his house.
  • Your suspicions are aroused by him and you decide to have a better look.
  • The game is on! You break in to his place with the goal of peeking into his basement to find out what he is up to but don’t be fooled, he (the AI next door) is clever and cunning and he learns from your mistakes so what worked once may not work again! This is a stealth horror game full of puzzles and other mysteries to will need to unravel.
  • Picking locks, working out key pads, avoiding robotic sharks and using an umbrella to slow your decent when you fall are all a part of this cleverly constructed game.
  • Expect to be caught plenty of times, especially in the beginning, but you will be rewarded by going on.
  • The soundtrack is great, the graphics have a certain charm about them and you can feel the tension in the air as you pursue your goal.
  • As the game is still in development, there is absolutely no way of knowing the ultimate result but strange noises in the night and paintings on the wall will certainly get your imagination working.

Installer Size: 1024 KB
Supported Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, iOS, Windows 10
Developer: Genericom

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