RegRepair 2000 4.0.04 + Activation Crack


Description: RegRepair 2000 4.0.04 + Full Crack

    The only Windows Registry utility that repair IOS errors conflicts and more.
  • Now fixes VXDs.
  • This file contains updates for Windows 98 SE.
  • For all versions of Windows 95/98, English or foreign language machines.
  • IOS means Initiating Operating System and ERRORS means the stuff that messes up your Operating System, you know the stuff that makes you crash and get locked out of Windows.
  • If you never had one I’ll bet you have at least 6 of them right now on your brand new computer.
  • IOS errors are the messages you get at boot up, the failed to load files in the Bootlog, and the corrupted font files that cause you to get locked out of Windows (which most people are unaware of).
  • This utility does more then just IOS errors, it finds and removes duplicate fontsupdated and repairs system files and more.
  • IOS errors come from crashing your system, installing new software or hardware, even reinstalling Windows causes files to fail to load, or corrupts fonts and other files.
  • Just take a look at your Bootlog, you’ll see a real mess there and you will have no idea how to start to fix the errors.
  • RegRepair 2000 is so simply to use it does it all for you, prompts you every step of the way and tells you what it is doing why the file has an error and then fixes it (not like RegClean).
  • In fact RegClean can not do what RegRepair 2000 does.

Installer Size: 2.59 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 2000
Developer: Easy Desk Software

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Author: Greg Scott

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