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Description: ARHANE = Bookkeeping + Warehouse +… 11.16.21 Crack Serial

    The bookkeeping warehouse program – cash department, bank, the personnel, calculation of salaries the plan of accounts, a turn under accounts (with an opportunity filtering, sorting, etc.
  • ), invoice, waybills, the catalog of the goods, debtors, creditors, Tax, the basic means, reports, balance, statistics, etc.
  • Warehouse – The account of the goods, entering, internal and proceeding waybills, the account of forms of the strict reporting, buyers, suppliers, incomes, statistics, reports to a management, the catalog of the goods (the description of a photo of a sale price), moving of the goods, a turn of the goods, unlimited quantity of warehouses, a sheaf with accounts department, cash department, bank, the personnel, calculation of salaries, invoice, a turn under accounts, the basic means, reports, balance, the ledger, introduction of specificity, manufacture, etc.
  • At data input in a waybill and sending under accounts – the program according to the specified technique creates or moves cards on warehouses, does postings in accounts department, sends data in blocks of reports, considers individual discounts, addresses of delivery, currency transactions, the control over the rest in a warehouse.
  • A choice in the payment assignment for payment the account-invoices and waybills simultaneously with breakdown by various techniques.
  • Report – Designer with an opportunity to create any listings, copying of listings on samples, change of listings.
  • Also many other opportunities.
  • Staff department – personnel cards, the account accepted-dismissed, contracts, the account of working hours, the account of the fulfilled hours, the account and charge of salaries, automatic charge of sheets and salaries.
  • Operatively reflects a condition of the enterprise.
  • Granting of reports to a management.
  • Daily reports.
  • Network system.
  • Modeling, etc.
  • Computer or External Card 8GB or External Drive 160GB.
  • Trans: EN, RU, LV

Installer Size: 41.64 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: ARHANE

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