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Description: Web Sergeant 2007 Crack Patch

    Drop-down Web Menus are the backbone of any major site’s navigation system and to function must be able to operate regardless of the browser used or the security in place.
  • This particular task is not easy.
  • In fact, this is the most difficult and complicated aspect of large scale web site design.
  • Web Sergeant automates the correct mark-up of Web Menus allowing error free menu construction.
  • Build web menus that will work in almost any browser under any circumstances.
  • The Web Sergeant Menu Builder assembles pure CSS web menus to your requirements that are script less and need no plug-ins to function.
  • Imagine! Validated Web Menus that work in the Gecko based browsers such as Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape; along with Opera and Internet Explorer.
  • Web Sergeant’s pure CSS web menus will NOT break your CSS validation nor will they break your HTML validation.
  • Web Sergeant uses mark-up that is not just standards-compliant, but interoperable as well to ensure that the backbone of your navigation system continues to operate correctly under the widest possible range of conditions.
  • Web Sergeant generates keywords and descriptions for each page you upgrade.
  • So, if you are building or optimizing a large site, Web Sergeant picks out the words that best characterize each page, and assembles an abstracted description from the page content.
  • This can save you valuable time when including optimization techniques for the many minor search engines.
  • Web Sergeant isn’t just the best web menu builder on the market.
  • Web Sergeant systematizes the packaging of a web page to not only enhance the experience of human visitors, but to ensure that non-human visitors such as search engine spiders and web-bots get the most out of your site.
  • This means better rankings as well as happy visitors, which ultimately lead to increased interest in your sight.
  • Be sure to let Web Sergeant give your site some backbone with valid web menus that won’t be broken by visitor security settings.

Installer Size: 3.31 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 2003
Developer: FieldCraft

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Author: Greg Scott

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