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Description: Analyze Texas Holdem 2.00 Full Crack

    Analyze Texas Holdem with super-fast trials and 5 report screens.
  • No skills in math are required.
  • You can double click on the graphic cards or drag and drop the cards to analyze any situation.
  • Set up any or all starting cards for 1-10 players.
  • Set up 0-5 board cards.
  • Then run 10, 000 trials on an 800 MHz computer in less than one second.
  • Reports include: wins/losses; strength of hands at the flop, turn, and river; resultant hands at each betting stage; results for final hands.
  • Saved report files enable you to compare analyses by clicking the file names.
  • You can toggle the report screens between numbers and percentages.

Installer Size: 0.51 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Developer: Poker Analyzers

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