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Description: DiskBoost 1.0.1 Keygen Serial

    Speed up hard drive operations with a virtual RAM disk! DiskBoost maintains a blazing-fast virtual disk in your computer’s RAM, allowing you to make your computer faster by storing frequently accessed files and data in the operative memory.
  • Unlike competitors, DiskBoost supports both volatile and non-volatile RAM drives.
  • The difference? Volatile disks disappear when you reboot or turn off your PC along with any data stored on them, while non-volatile permanent disks back up the data onto the hard drive.
  • The two kinds of disks serve for very different purposes.
  • Have any data temporary by its nature? Internet cache, browsing history, cookies and similar traces must be cleaned up regularly.
  • Why bother with periodic cleanings when you can simply move the Temporary Internet Files folder onto a RAM disk that’ll disappear completely and with no traces when you reboot your PC?Work sets, databases or frequently accessed files that you cannot afford losing? DiskBoost offers a perfect opportunity to speed up access dramatically while maintaining the same level of safety and greater security.
  • It automatically backs up the contents of the RAM drive into a file on your hard disk periodically and on system shutdown, taking care of the data integrity.
  • Busy server of workstation? Map the entire hard drive partition into the computer’s RAM! DiskBoost offers tremendous performance benefits under heavy load while maintaining the safety and security of your data.
  • Sensitive information? DiskBoost encrypts everything stored on the RAM drives on-the-fly, making your data impossible to intercept and unusable if accessed without authorization.
  • Hard disk images can be encrypted, making the virtual partitions impossible to mount without a password.
  • DiskBoost works transparently and automatically as a low-level system device.
  • It mounts the RAM drives when your system boots, giving you immediate performance boost.

Installer Size: 1.58 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Developer: Everstrike Secure RamDisk Drive

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