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    Protect Outlook Express from Virus Attacks and SpamnoHTML for Outlook ExpressnoHTML for Outlook Express is an add-on that protects Outlook Express from email viruses and email scripts such as Nomad and Sir Cam.
  • By converting incoming email messages from HTML format to simple text, the program lets you read your emails much more quickly, and eliminates the danger posed by most email-borne attacks.
  • Outlook Express is the most widely used email reader in the world, and is also the biggest target of the virus and trojan writers.
  • noHTML for Outlook Express is the first and only program that can disable HTML directly within Outlook Express.
  • The program disables HTML in both the message area and the Outlook Express preview window, protecting you from the scripts that can attack your computer, even if you don’t open them.
  • In addition to protecting you against virus and trojan attacks, noHTML for Outlook Express protects you against spammers who send you emails repeatedly.
  • The program eliminates both the scripts and the linked images that spammers rely upon to confirm that your email address is valid, and that you have received their messages.
  • noHTML for Outlook Express integrates seamlessly with Outlook Express versions 5 and 6.
  • It adds a button onto the Outlook Express toolbar, and with a single click you can enable or disable HTML in your incoming email.
  • The program’s interface is available in English and German.
  • noHTML for Outlook Express lets you read your email in less time, eliminates the handshake that spammers use to confirm that you’ve received their message, and disables HTML-based scripts that can infect your computer.

Installer Size: 0.54 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95
Developer: BAxBEx Software

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