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Description: RoboRealm 2.84.0 + Activation Crack

    RoboRealm provides you with a low cost vision software solution to explore the complex world of image analysis and image processing.
  • Through an easy to use analysis pipeline you can add image processing filters to translate an image into robotic movements, computer actions, or just plain fun!Image and/or video processing can be technically difficult.
  • Home robots are continuously moving towards high powered PC based systems that are capable of supporting complex image processing functions.
  • Sometimes you just need a tested of current image processing applications to test potential ideas that you want your robot or computer webcam application to perform.
  • We’ve compiled several image processing functions into a windows based application that you can use with your computer’s webcam.
  • You can use it to test out your vision ideas and see what may be possible or not .
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  • have fun! We did!

Installer Size: 16.00 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows 2003
Developer: RoboRealm

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