PanaVue ImageAssembler 3.5 Keygen Serial


Description: PanaVue ImageAssembler 3.5 Crack Patch

    PanaVue ImageAssembler seamlessly stitches together a wide diversity of images: photos of all kinds; 360 degree panoramas, in rows, columns, or matrices; maps, blue prints, and posters digitized with a camera or a scanner; aerial or satellite photos; art paintings; medical imagery.
  • An extremely powerful Stitcher though deceivingly simple; bloated with advanced features like huge image size support, 16-bit colors, true PSD multi-layer output.
  • Its all-new hand-held photo shot mode coupled with its redesigned color calibration function handles the most difficult cases.
  • Use it in automatic or full-manual mode.

Installer Size: 9.23 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Developer: PanaVue

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