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    Speed up your Web site by splitting large images into pieces.
  • Shrink your graphics size while increasing its quality.
  • Make interactive image-based navigation faster and easier by hot-linking slices instead of using slower-loading static image maps.
  • Image Splitter prepares your images for publishing on-line by slicing an image into rectangular pieces of arbitrary size.
  • Large pictures and big graphics take longer to fully load and display even if a visitor has a high-speed connection.
  • Downloading the same file in several separate threads can greatly increase the loading speed, providing a better browsing experience to the visitors.
  • Image Splitter optimizes your large images for loading as quickly as possible by cutting them into several smaller pieces.
  • Publishing big pictures sliced into several smaller pieces makes your Web pages load much faster thanks to concurrent downloading.
  • Do you have large heavily compressed JPEG images? Avoid compression artifacts and increase visual quality while reducing the total size by splitting such images into pieces.
  • Image Splitter automatically detects the compression methods that are suitable for each slice, varying image and compression parameters to achieve much higher compression levels while maintaining the visual quality of the original, non-compressed picture.
  • Designing image-based navigation or a menu? HTML image maps are yesterday’s technology! Employing larger images that have to be reloaded in full on rollover is wasteful and slow.
  • Image Splitter makes a perfect navigation structure completely automatically by generating arbitrary HTML tables with support for colza and row span tags.
  • Image Splitter makes rollovers easy to make and blazingly fast to load as only small image chunks are reloaded.
  • Have multiple images to cut? Image Splitter supports batch mode to automate the splitting.
  • Make your Web pages load faster and your Web design workflow easier with Image Splitter!

Installer Size: 1.75 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2003
Developer: ForthTech Software

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