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Description: UniTest System 4.11.0 Keygen Serial

    UniTest System is a comprehensive testing solution that allows you to design, manage and process your own tests.
  • This application can be used on a local computer for testing one person, or perform simultaneous testing of thousands of people over the network.
  • UniTest System is a complete solution.
  • .
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  • it does everything from designing tests to analyzing and reporting test results.
  • UniTest System’s test editor module allows you to create any type of test questions – multiple choice, multiple answer, matching, and so on.
  • Besides checking simple “fill in the blank” questions, it can check for the presence of certain keywords in student’s answers (as in “What is bacteria?” – microorganism +1, prokaryote +2, single-celled +1).
  • The program supports multimedia files (audio, video, images) which can be integrated by simply dragging and dropping, and allows external applications to be used (for example, AutoCAD or Lotus Notes).
  • UniTest System editor module can even create tests on its own by randomly selecting questions from a database, based on the administrator’s settings.
  • Importantly, UniTest System offers strong encryption options rather then simple password protection, which can be easily bypassed.
  • There is a compression option for tests and their results.
  • UniTest System’s reporting module comes with default templates but can also produce custom test reports according to parameters selected.
  • The results can be filtered and sorted, merged, divided or arranged in any other manner.
  • The program can also be used to track student’s improvement and to analyze the test questions difficulty level, among other things.
  • All data can be easily transferred from one location to another via a CD or by other means, so that testing or results processing can be set up virtually anywhere in a matter of minutes.
  • UniTest System is the perfect solution for testing, remote learning, pre-employment screening, assessment, certification and more.

Installer Size: 6.98 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2003
Developer: Sight2k

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