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Description: Product Scope 8.5 + Full Crack

    Product Scope 7 provides a combination of tools for keeping track of comparative product information, places to buy, manufacturers, product images; located on the Internet and on local storage drives.
  • Exciting new simplified user interface – Most major features in a easy to use toolbar on each browse! PS7 Clipboard – smaller, re sizeable program size – Stay on Top of other applications.
  • Very resourceful for Profile Exchanges, Comparative Shopping and Internet Bookmarks.
  • Imaging Tools – Image editor, Image Viewers.
  • File Search – Any file type, text within files, image preview with zoom, Copy, Move, Launch! Spreadsheet – Send product data and pricing with totals directly to spreadsheet! Spreadsheet Named Output! Products Browse with all Links, three price quotes, Image and Memo! Custom Views – Customize fields to display, quickly sort a single field! Database convenience for tracking product, manufacturer, and place to buy information.
  • Serve as an alternative address book for your email program.
  • Search All text fields including memos to find a particular Product or Vendor FAST! Associate Product Prices with International Currencies.
  • Basic File Management for Downloading Files From The Web and Installation.
  • View all the products produced by a single company in a list, view products by price range, view all products in a certain category, etc.
  • Then launch your browser and view information locally or on the Internet.
  • In addition, keep information stored in multiple folders for even greater flexibility.

Installer Size: 33.80 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: Encourager Software

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