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Description: HyperLabel 1.0.1 Full Crack

    The Hyperlink control displays as a hyperlink (like the ones in web browsers) and can be customized for color and underline for both hovered and uncovered states.
  • The hovered state is displayed when the users mouse is positioned over the control.
  • When the control is clicked it will perform an action which is customizable by the programmer:* Open a browser and navigate to the specified web page.
  • * Create a new email message using the email client application installed on the end users computer.
  • The programmer can customize the subject line and a single line of message text.
  • The action of this email creation is identical to what happens when you click an email link in a web browser window.
  • * Launch a file.
  • This can be an exe file or a data file that Windows has an association for.
  • For example if the target was a file named data.
  • doc then Windows will open this document in MS Word if installed or possibly WordPad on those computers without MS Word.
  • This action can include a command line to pass to executable files and a default folder.
  • By stating just a path then an explorer view of that path will be displayed.
  • * Custom event.
  • The control can raise an event so that the programmer can write code to determine the action taken when the control is clicked.
  • Other Features:* The HyperLabel control recognizes the operating system and will use the shadowed hyperlink hand icon where available.
  • * The control can be configured to have a transparent background so can sit on top of pictures, images and other controls.
  • Unregistered controls work in a limited Freeware mode so the control is still useful without purchasing a Licence.
  • Purchasing a Licence releases the full potential of the control.
  • ActiveX control for VB6.

Installer Size: 0.46 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95
Developer: Evova Technology

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