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    Improve your playing by improving your ears! Auralia is comprehensive ear training software for beginners, students and professionals! Suitable for all ages, Auralia has thousands of questions, across 41 topics.
  • Intervals, scales, chords, rhythm, melodic dictation, tuning, jazz progressions – they’re all covered.
  • Each topic has a carefully constructed sequence of levels, starting with basic concepts and gradually working up to the hardest examples.
  • Use the interactive professor to guide you through the levels, or simply work at your own pace.
  • Use your mouse to enter answers, tap in rhythms, sing intervals, plugin your MIDI keyboard; regardless of how you answer questions, Auralia will instantly mark your answer and provide meaningful feedback.
  • Auralia is not just a drill program – each of the 41 topics has a set of detailed lessons to accompany it! These lessons explain concepts, display notated examples, and allow you to hear sample questions and answers.
  • If you wish to be automatically guided through all the content that Auralia has to offer, use the new courses feature.
  • This has been intelligently designed to provide pathways through all topics, drills, lessons and tests.
  • There are courses for students of ALL ages and ability levels, including beginners! By customizing any Aurelia’s topics, you can tell Auralia exactly what you’d like to practice, focusing on areas of ear training that you’re having the most trouble with.
  • Scores are constantly recorded, allowing you review your results and print reports.
  • Teachers can group students into classes, set tests and much more! Track all your students, use your school network, and save yourself time with the unmatched administration features that Auralia offers.
  • With the new Cloud Edition, students can practice at school or home and instructors can quickly access student results from anywhere.
  • Flexible Licencing and simple deployment leaves you with more time to do what you do best.
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Installer Size: 56.68 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: Rising Software

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