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Description: U-Upload Pro 1.7 Crack Serial

    U-Upload Professional may seem basic at first glance: a “Browse” button to select files and a “Send” button to upload, but “under the hood” are a number of powerful options: control the applet with JavaScript and your own buttons/triggers, POST transaction details to a URL, and redirect to pages or JavaScript functions after transfers.
  • U-Upload adds true FTP upload to your application and does not rely on CGI or other Server-Side technologies.
  • This demo is for U-Upload Professional.
  • There are other products in the U-Upload family to meet budget and technical requirements; for example, U-Upload Lite for basic transfers, or U-Upload Cart to give your users a full GUI.
  • As with Unlimite-Tech’s other FTP applets, connection can be made through the add-on Unlimited FTP Servlet to enable HTTP tunneling, letting users behind corporate firewalls connect to your FTP server.

Installer Size: 0.42 MB
Supported Operating System:
Developer: Unlimi-Tech Software inc.

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