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Description: Type Booster: Autocomplete, Autoreplace 2.5.2 Keygen Crack

    Type Booster is an automatic word completion tool for anyone who wants to reduce their typing strain and use four times as fewer keystrokes as usual.
  • As you’re typing the first letters of a word, Type Booster attempts to guess the possible word completions and pops up a list of them for the user to choose.
  • As you type more letters, it’ll keep on narrowing its list of variants, so in case the first letters don’t give you the desired completion, a few more will certainly show the one you need.
  • Type Booster also has the adaptive matching system that takes into account what word completions you selected, so that next time its suggestions are more precise.
  • In addition to the auto-complete function, Type Booster offers a feature for filling in clich├ęs instantly.
  • Basically business e-mail correspondence is all about typing standard phrases and expressions, which you often have to type over and over again.
  • Fortunately, with Type Booster many routinely used phrases can be typed almost instantly using their abbreviated forms.
  • For example, whenever you wish to type “Hello.
  • Thank you for the email”, you can simply type “email” instead, and the program will automatically replace it with the whole phrase.
  • You can create own phrases and assign shortcuts to them as well as access the phrase list via hotkey.
  • This will help you save keystrokes and achieve great efficiency in answering emails.
  • Another way Type Booster can facilitate your typing is via the Clipboard Enhancer feature.
  • Standard clipboard only keeps a single item at a time while with Type Booster any text you copy will be remembered, enabling you to manage multiple text pieces with your clipboard.
  • To paste something, you’ll just need to press ALT + INS or other key combination you specify that will pop up the list of clipboard content for you to choose the required piece of text to paste.

Installer Size: 1.00 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2003
Developer: Autocomplete and Autoreplace Software

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