How to Promote your own Video Games 1.001 Crack Patch


Description: How to Promote your own Video Games 1.001 Cracked

    Stop waiting for others to notice and get your games out thereThis eBook is for all the people who might have their very own games sitting around, whether on their hard drive or a website.
  • You might’ve gotten a few downloads here and there, perhaps a comment or two, and even a sale once in a blue moon if your game was commercial quality.
  • The world of gaming keeps on changing, so if you aren’t getting your games out there into the world right now then you’ll be dead in the water.
  • This eBook will show you how to promote your own games and get them out into the real world.
  • In this eBook you’ll find out the best seven methods for promoting your own games, along with information on which methods to start first.
  • The methods shown can be used for both free and commercial games and can be done by newbies as well as professionals.

Installer Size: 1.44 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2003
Developer: Game Innovator

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