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Description: MessageLock Email Encryption for Outlook Full Crack

    Your private email message are not so private.
  • When attached to an email, your files (pictures, documents, videos, etc) and message may as well be printed on a postcard as they travel across the internet to their intended recipient.
  • History has proven that unsecured messages can be intercepted, redistributed, published, and tampered with, sometimes with serious consequences.
  • MessageLock (TM) by Encryptomatic (R) LLC is quite possibly the easiest way to send encrypted messages from Microsoft Outlook.
  • MessageLock provides 1-click encryption of email messages and attachments within Microsoft Outlook, combining strong U.
  • S.
  • Gov’t approved AES-256 bit encryption with the nearly universal compatibility of the Zip file utility.
  • MessageLock delivers encryption and compression for your message and/or file attachments, protecting your data while it is traveling across your intranet and the internet.
  • MessageLock gives you a choice of encryption methods, from super-strong AES-256 bit, to AES-128 bit, and the weaker but highly compatible Zip-2.
  • 0 algorithm.
  • To use MessageLock, all you do is associate an email address with a password, a process that takes just seconds.
  • Or, just go ahead and send an encrypted email — if MessageLock can’t find the password to use, it will ask you for a password and then remember it for the next you send to this email address.
  • If MessageLock is installed at receivers end, the message can be decrypted immediately upon receipt and displayed as a regular message.
  • The only difference is a single line of text at the bottom of the message that alerts the reader that this message was transmitted securely.
  • If the receiver does not have MessageLock, they can still decrypt the zip file if they have the password, and any zip utility that supports the encryption method used.
  • WinZip 10.
  • 0 or the free zip utilities like Izard can both decrypt AES-256.
  • Download a fully functional trial and see how easy MessageLock is to use.

Installer Size: 16.29 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: Encryptomatic llc

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