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    We are glad to introduce an absolutely new puzzle – Seasons! With this exciting game you can exercise your logic, intuition and boost your reaction like you’ve never done before!There are four seasons a year that come and go in a cycle.
  • The game has the same “cycle” idea.
  • You start with an intricate layout of chips that come in four types according to the number of seasons.
  • Click a chip and it rotates replacing one season icon with the following one.
  • Your objective is to find a lucky chip to rotate and get a combination of three matching season icons.
  • Once you have the three, it explodes and you score.
  • Remember, one successful click may cause a cascade of explosions, so that you can score more!The gameplay seems simple at first, but in a short while you shall find it truly absorbing.
  • The complexity of the game gradually increases as you move from one level to the other.
  • Two game modes make the gameplay twice as attractive.
  • So, whether you are looking for an unhurried brain challenge or a fast paced race of time, this exciting game is sure to make you immensely happy!Features- Sleek, eye-pleasing graphics and visual effects; – Playful, relaxing soundtracks; – Puzzle and Action Modes; – Puzzle Mode is for unhurried brain challenge; – Action Mode is a fast paced race of time; – High scores for all modes! – Hint on demand feature; – Full screen option is available.

Installer Size: 3.30 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 2003
Developer: Sugar Games

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