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    Rumors have been spreading around the Internet about PS3 Games having copyrights.
  • This means that consumers cannot re-sell the games that they already own, ergo, they cannot buy cheaper second hand games.
  • It’s really no surprise that rumors with this kind of nature spread around quickly.
  • But the fact that it did spread around and that people talked about it, only tells something about the possible reaction of people, in case the issues are true.
  • To even things out however, Sony has denied the rumors about the illegal re-selling of PS3 Games.
  • Though Sony claims that the delays were due to digital rights management or DRM troubles, many analysts believe otherwise.
  • Analysts pose more pressing issues as reasons for the PS3 games console’s launch delays.
  • Eiichi Katayama, an analyst from Tokyo-based Nomura Securities’ Financial & Economic Research, suggests that the delays are probably caused by the slow progress of graphics chip development.
  • Others offer reasons such as insufficiency of appropriate software titles.
  • However, Sony is quick to dismiss these rumors and again reiterated the problem of DRM for their Blu-ray optical drive.

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