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Description: Insofta Cover Commander + Activation Crack

    This is a typical designer’s task: create an image of a product box, book, manual, DVD, CD, Vista box, card (etc.
  • ) for a web site, electronic presentation or a paper publication.
  • In the past, this was done by photographers.
  • It’s a long and expensive process.
  • Photographic images aren’t perfect, have resolution limitations and you can hardly edit them.
  • Today, designers normally use 3D-rendering software.
  • Synthetic images are perfectly clean.
  • You can use various visual effects and transparent backgrounds to smoothly embed your graphics into existing designs.
  • Additionally, you don’t have to set up another photo session if you need to change something in your images.
  • There’s still a downside, though.
  • You need to own an expensive 3-rendering package and you need to be familiar with it.
  • It takes time to create even a simple model.
  • Your best option is to use a specialized 3-rendering application that does not require advanced knowledge in 3D design and allows you to create a professional graphic in minutes.
  • Unfortunately, most of the available programs of this kind are rather limited.
  • They render a simple texturized parallelepiped.
  • They use the 3D-rendering features of your video card that are normally intended for games and not for professional designs.
  • Cover Commander from Insofta uses software rendering for maximum quality and does not require any specific 3D acceleration hardware.
  • The program includes a wizard that allows you to create an image in a few quick steps.
  • The process of creating an image is highly customizable yet contains a set of presets for each step for fast and effortless customization.
  • You start with a basic scene template: a box model, a box with a CD, book, manual, DVD-box, a 3D-screenshot, etc.
  • The other wizard steps allow you to select images that you wish to put onto the 3D objects, set up light sources, shadows and reflections.
  • The resulting image can be exported into a range of graphic formats, including PNG with alpha-channel.

Installer Size: 4.72 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: Insofta Development

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