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    And, their intent to become authentically ?catholic? and ?Christian?.
  • ~ a cataclysm ? or, rather, something like an earthquake.
  • Daily services in connection with the School would not be expositions of various kinds of church music, but real services of worship and intercession.
  • Another item asked about involvement in particular kinds of church youth programs; it listed 13 kinds of programs, and the highest participation was.
  • It is important to see if other kinds of church-based support also help older adults cope more effectively with the problems they face.
  • Heightened respect for ?Christian entrepreneurship?; Not the death of denominations but their sinking to the level of other kinds of church associations.
  • Most kinds of church tradition are represented: conservative, liberal, radical; high church, low church; charismatic, contemplative, sacramentalist.
  • kinds of church, church building:.

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