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Description: Public Reminder Add-In 1.2 Crack Patch

    Public Reminder Add-In provides reminders from any email, calendar, tasks or contacts folder in Microsoft Outlook, Public ShareFolder or Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • This allows you to set reminders on items in any folder in your profile, including mailbox, PST file, or Public Folders.
  • Reminders can be emailed to any pager or email enabled communications device or can send SMS messages to any mobile device, PDA, Blackberry or cell phone.
  • which can receive emails.
  • Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server does not support reminders in any Exchange Public Folder or non-default Outlook folders.
  • Reminders only trigger from within the primary Calendar, Contact or Task folders.
  • Primary folders reside where you receive messages.
  • When you set up an e-mail service, you designate either your mailbox Inbox or your personal folders (.
  • PST) file Inbox as the mail delivery point.
  • For example, if you receive messages in your personal folders (.
  • PST) file Inbox and you create an appointment reminder in your mailbox Calendar, the reminder does not display (without Public Reminder Add-In).
  • If you create the same reminder with Public Reminder Add-I, the reminder does display at the appropriate time.
  • You need a reminder forwarding to an e-mail address? No problem with Public Reminder Add-In.
  • You need a reminder forwarding to a mobile device via SMS? No problem with Public Reminder Add-In.
  • You have a group calendar, project calendar or a team calendar and you need a reminder tool for Exchange Server which enable you to get this extended reminders? Try Public Reminder Add-In.
  • You need a reminder from the calendar of your colleagues or your boss? Try Public Reminder Add-In for Outlook.
  • You can filter your reminders, you can select in a “field chooser” the fields you need in your reminder overview.

Installer Size: 1.72 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: SDMD GmbH

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