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Description: Dispatch Nurses to Hospitals with Excel 1.45 + Full Crack

    Nurse Scheduling at Several Different HospitalsThe Nurse Dispatcher was developed for staffing agencies providing nurses to work up to 3 daily shifts at several different hospitals.
  • It is ideal for this application as well as others where you need to send people to work different shifts at different locations.
  • Two sizes, 20 locations and 200 employees or 10 locations and 100 employees, each with up to 3 daily shifts are available.
  • You simply specify the locations and shifts as well as employee names and availability.
  • Employees are assigned on individual location sheets where daily assignments for a 2-week period are made from drop-down menus showing the names of available (not-yet-assigned) employees.
  • The program makes sure that you do not assign overlapping shifts and will alert you if a person is assigned to more than 1 shift per day.
  • Spreadsheets for other scheduling applications are available at the website.

Installer Size: 2.28 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98
Developer: Shift Schedules

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