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Description: Blocks Away Demo 1.11 + Crack

    Blocks Away is an addictive and enjoyable puzzle game.
  • Try and remove all of the blocks from the screen.
  • Sounds easy doesn’t it – but you’d be wrong!You can only remove blocks of the same type if there are two or more next to each other and the more blocks of the same type that you remove the higher they score.
  • With skillful play you can really crank up your score.
  • There are three great game modes with lots of themed levels (including outer space which has space related blocks, backgrounds and layouts) which also feature blocks with special powers.
  • Pit your wits against the Standard game and see if you can progress to the higher levels of play.
  • If you don’t remove all of the blocks you can still continue to the next level if you reach the target score for that level.
  • Remove all the blocks of one type for a +50 point bonus.
  • Raise your game and play in Countdown mode where you have limited time to make every move.
  • If you take too long to move it’s game over – but on the plus side the target score is lower per level to give you a fighting chance!When you’re ready try Survival mode which gets fast and furious as you try and stop the blocks building up to the top of the screen.
  • This game will keep you playing for hours as you try and master the different modes and all of the levels – not to mention trying to beat your his cores!

Installer Size: 6.00 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Developer: Hiscore Warrior

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