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Description: Schedule Equipment to Batch Jobs 1.23 + Crack

    Easy to use Excel spreadsheet can schedule your equipment to batch jobs or employees to sequential tasks in hourly increments for a month or in daily increments for 6 months.
  • Simply specify your tasks or batch jobs and watch their progress in real time each hour or day.
  • The order that the jobs and tasks are performed can be easily rearranged as priorities change.
  • With the employee job tracker you can specify holidays, vacations as well as weekly work days and work hours each day and the program will accurately track the jobs in real time throughout the day for a month.
  • The equipment batch job tracker also accommodates holidays, maintenance periods and weekly work days when tracking the progress of each job in the queue for up to 6 months.
  • The spreadsheets are available in sizes to track 5 or 10 employees or processes to 20 different tasks or batches and are priced between and .
  • You can download any of these spreadsheets and use them on a free trial basis for evaluation.

Installer Size: 0.28 MB
Supported Operating System:
Developer: Shift Schedules

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