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Description: FormCliQ/Office 2007 Cracked

    Formula is a document scanning, archiving and retrieval solution.
  • FormCliQ/Office can archive your documents easily and retrieve them with advanced retrieval method.
  • Formula uses OCR in almost all European languages.
  • The extraction of the data from the documents is done using a unique method that was developed by Charactell’s.
  • Formula provides quick data entry for QuickBooks users.
  • Formula lets you scan business documents such as orders and invoices you receive (what QuickBooks refers to as bills) directly into your QuickBooks files, and quickly enter the data in these documents into QuickBooks, using advanced OCR technologies.
  • Formula also archives images of these documents, and allows you to search them and find one or more documents of interest.
  • Users of QuickBooks (US version) may benefit from the data entry features of FiormCliQ.
  • Formula replaces the manual data keying process you would normally follow, and will bring you to the same point in QuickBooks after the completion of data keying from your documents.
  • With Formula, you scan them straight into QuickBooks and approve the data for transfer.
  • This reduces the chances of data entry errors.
  • Formula only reads forms with printed data.
  • Forms with handwritten data can be scanned, but only printed data will be processed automatically, and the handwritten data must be typed manually.

Installer Size: 45.08 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2000
Developer: CharacTell Ltd

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