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Description: DelphiCodeToDoc v0.23b Crack Patch

    DelphiCodeToDoc is a free documentation system for Delphi.
  • It uses information about source code symbols and formatted comments in files to produce accurate documentation from your application and component.
  • This documentation support TEXT file based and HTML style, but will be extend to CHM, PDF, and furthermore other format.
  • DelphiCodeToDoc makes sure the structure of your documentation always stays synchronized with your code.
  • It support Java DOC style comments, in-line comments, and is open for other “tags based” styles.
  • You can configure DelphiCodeToDoc to extract the code structure from undocumented source files.
  • This is very useful to quickly find your way in large source distributions.
  • You can also visualize the relations between the various source code elements.
  • DelphiCodeToDoc is developed under MS-Windows with Borland Delphi, but will be setup to be portable for Kylix under Linux.
  • It use JCL and JVCL library from Jedi Project.

Installer Size: 3.08 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2000
Developer: TridenT

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