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    As a scientific researcher or a patent professional, you may need massive and important information frequently from patents.
  • However, very few countries’ patent offices could provide the service of full-text downloading to the public, which will bring inconvenience to you.
  • PatDL is a software of Patent Searcher and Downloader which is custom-made for general scientific researcher and patent staff.
  • If you want the best speed of getting patent documents, PatDL is the best choice for you.
  • What PatDL can do: Automatically Download patent’s full text, abstract, legal state in batches; and merge all of the pages to one file in PDF, including the abstract and legal status.
  • You can also merge the pages you select to one file by yourself.
  • Search patents from the most important databases about patents, such as EPO V3 database, SIPO Chinese, SIPO English, TIPO Chinese, USPTO Putt, USPTO App FT, JPO English Download patents from several databases, EPO V2 database, EPO V3 database, SIPO database, USPTO database (including granted US patents and published US patent applications), JPO database (including all JP patents), JPO English (PAJ), TIPO database (Taiwan patent gazette ), TW Pat database ( Taiwan patent document), SIPO English Extract biblio.
  • data to EXCEL file quickly for analyzing patents.
  • Automatically split a patent into several parts, and download each split simultaneously even when the full text of a patent or application exceeds 100 pages.
  • PatDL could help you get them precisely and quickly.
  • Multiple connections are opened to each patent, and the result is the most efficient exploitation of the bandwidth available.
  • Whatever your connection, PatDL makes sure that all of the bandwidth is utilized.
  • Continue re-downloading if connection is lost or computer crashes and don’t need to start from the first page again

Installer Size: 3.26 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: soonersoft

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