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    Join other players online and make a quick getaway.
  • Following in the footsteps of Payday, Payday 2 has you joining other players as you plan robberies, complete mafia missions and avoid the police.
  • If you thought the missions in the first instalment were a blast, wait till you see what’s in store for you in the sequel.
  • This first-person action game revolves around cooperative mode games.
  • Carrying on the legacy of Payday: The Heist, Payday 2 improves on many of the issues that were present in the original and adds new ideas to the game.
  • To begin with, the missions in the sequel are more varied than in the original.
  • The game expands beyond simply committing robberies, but now there are also mafia missions you will have to complete.
  • Some of the missions you will have to complete can take days.
  • Each day will affect the missions for the next, or could cancel it altogether.
  • This in-depth planning creates the feeling as though you were actually planning a robbery in real life.
  • The in-game network Crime.
  • net controls all of the missions.
  • This is a network where you select the missions you want to try and complete.
  • The system works well and missions update every few seconds.
  • Regardless of how well you plan your robbery, they will almost always end with a shootout with the police.
  • The gun fights are where Payday 2 shows its weaknesses.
  • When the police start chasing you, they appear to be following a set pattern.
  • Additionally, after you complete a few missions, you will pretty much already know how many cops will be coming and from where.
  • Payday 2 is still a great game to play.
  • If you liked the first one, you will love this one.

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Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7
Developer: Genericom

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