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Description: Click-VR Visualizer 1.06 Cracked

    The premier real time rendering plugin for Autodesk 3ds MAX! Instantly explore your scenes in real time and create interactive amazing 3D presentations and visualizations! Bring your projects to life with animations, sounds, videos and advanced user interactions!Be productive instantly!Click-VR Visualizer is completely integrated in Autodesk 3ds Max.
  • You do not need to waste time exporting data or learning new 3D software.
  • Everything has been designed to let you be productive and get professional results in minutes.
  • Do you know Autodesk 3ds Max? Then you know how to use Click-VR Visualizer.
  • Save Time using true 3D WYSIWYG Software!Click-VR Visualizer is true 3D WYSIWYG software.
  • Inside Autodesk 3ds Max you instantly see the final result of your work in an extended interactive viewport.
  • All changes are updated immediately while you edit the scene.
  • Further, you can test your interactive scenes inside this Viewport at any time – no more waited trial-and-error times.
  • Impress Your Audience with Outstanding Quality!Click-VR has been originally designed and used for next-generation blockbuster games.
  • The rendering engine is capable of rendering near photorealistic with true interactive frame rates.
  • This includes real-time soft shadows and reflections.
  • Outperforming existing real-time solutions in terms of rendering performance and quality – Click-VR Visualizer is the most comprehensive rendering system available for Autodesk 3ds Max users.
  • Easily Publish and Distribute your Work!You can make 3D Scenes available for everyone on the internet or CD-ROMs.
  • Distribution of exported files is free of charge, allowing everyone to explore and interact with your 3D scenes, in realtime, whether as executable files or integrated in html pages for viewing with a web browser.

Installer Size: 10.07 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Developer: Codeblend

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