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Description: Toddler Slides 2.0 Keygen Crack

    A picture screen that you can use for your pictures The Toddler Slides program is a very basic slide application that allows you to view your images and picture files in a full screen, and thus allowing you to pay various sounds as well.
  • The program is also designed for toddlers (hence the name), allowing you to view your baby’s pictures.
  • You can choose to view random pictures at the click of different buttons.
  • You can download Toddler Slides for free.
  • Each picture has a different sound built into it; the sounds are interesting and fun.
  • You can also teach your toddler to draw different pictures on the slides using the mouse.
  • Another impressive feature of the program is that you can also choose to add new sounds and images to the application in addition to the sample sounds and images provided by the Toddler Slide application.
  • You can easily configure the sounds and images for your toddler using Toddler Slide’s image and sound wizard.
  • You can even do other customizations.
  • Moreover, another impressive feature of the program is that whenever you launch Toddler Slides, and while the application is running, your children will not be able to interfere with the program.
  • This is because of the auto key disable feature, which requires a password to activate.

Installer Size: 2.09 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2000
Developer: 100dof

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