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Description: ModemTest 1.3.1012 Crack Serial

    ModemTest is an easy to use Windows based application that allows users to test their dial up modem.
  • ModemTest performs low level testing that is independent of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the TCP/IP settings on the computer.
  • It allows the modem to be tested in addition to the phone line the modem is connected to.
  • ModemTest provides a method for system integrators and computer repair centers to test both internal and external modems.
  • By a process of elimination, home users can also use the ModemTest to help isolate Internet connection problems to a faulty modem, or phone line or their ISP service.
  • ModemTest logs any data corruption and incorporates a modem speed test which reports the initial connection speed and the actual throughput.
  • Two different test methods are provided.
  • The first test method uses two telephone lines and two modems in a master / slave configuration.
  • The master dials the phone number of the slave modem and after a successful connection, data packets are exchanged between the master and slave.
  • The second test method requires only a single modem and no telephone line.
  • A local loop back is done on the analog side of the modem, ModemTest then sends data packets which are echoed back by the modem.
  • In both cases ModemTest communicates to the modem using a COM port.
  • (In the case of Internal modems or USB modems, this is a virtual COM port and not a physical plug on the machine).
  • Modem Test allows the sending of specific data files allowing compliance to specific standards, for instance ITU-T v.
  • 56.
  • Before sending any data, ModemTest first checks the settings on the serial port and then on the modem itself.
  • Any data received is verified to be sure that it is complete and without errors.
  • A log of the activity is kept in the right hand section of the window.
  • Different types of activities are highlighted in different colors.
  • Any errors are displayed in red.
  • This log can be saved to disk if required.

Installer Size: 0.79 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: PassMark Software

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