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Description: SourGumdrop 2.10 + Full Crack

    Have fun playing Sudoku with SourGumdrop and become an expert.
  • Finish that puzzle that’s got you stumped – just enter the clues and use SourGumdrop to guide you past the problem.
  • Powerful but simple user interface.
  • The user interface minimizes the effort required to work on puzzles and lets you concentrate on finding the solution.
  • The solution for a single cell or the whole puzzle can be shown at any stage.
  • You can color cells and candidates to help identify patterns.
  • Inconsistent or incorrect answers can be shown as you set them and all moves can be undone.
  • Flexible hint methods: The hint methods can be configured to reveal carefully controlled amounts of information.
  • Set them so you see only the minimum necessary to make progress, or use them to learn how to recognize patterns.
  • Ask to highlight the candidates that can be removed, or the candidates that form the pattern, or ask to show only the cells involved in the pattern.
  • Request the hint which is easiest to understand or the one which removes the most candidates.
  • Hints can be requested for specific algorithms or for classes of algorithms.
  • Hint algorithms: Hidden Singles, Hidden Pairs, Hidden Triples, Locked Candidates, Naked Pairs, Naked Triples, Naked Quads, Xing, Swordfish and Jellyfish.
  • Internal and external puzzles.
  • Sour Gumdrop’s built-in puzzles are given a difficulty rating depending on the algorithms required in their solution and puzzles can be selected based on their difficulty.
  • Puzzles can be read from files or entered via a built-in editor.
  • SourGumdrop can solve all puzzles.
  • Entered puzzles are checked for internal consistency and for having a single solution.
  • Partially completed puzzles can be saved to files along with their remaining candidates and then tried again later or sent to friends.
  • The appearance of the program can be set using a configuration option and clues can be numerals or letters.
  • The source code is included.

Installer Size: 0.06 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: Rod Gerstad

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