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    Biorhythms Guide is a dialog-based application, which calculates (using Kotelnic’s method) the dates of the so called days of tiredness.
  • Kotelnic’s method uses the refined values of physical, emotional and intellectual biorhythm period lengths (for example the length of emotional biorhythm period constitutes 28.
  • 4261246 days ).
  • The method also takes into consideration biorhythms with the periods equal to 1/2 of the fundamental biorhythms periods.
  • This “short” biorhythms are just responsible for days of tiredness.
  • Biorhythms Guide allows you to predict the dates of vital power decrease and prevent, or at least minimize, undesirable consequences.
  • The program calculates also the dates of new moon and full moon and expose their pictures, if this date is in a vicinity of a day of tiredness.
  • Biorhythms Guide allows you to compare vital power of two persons.
  • The software features a simple, user-friendly interface and short, yet detailed, help, which includes the overview of the biorhythms fundamental basis.

Installer Size: 0.49 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95
Developer: Software

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