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Description: FlexiMusic Sound Generator Dec2010 Crack Serial

    1) In FlexiMusic Sound Generator you can generate different types of sound with various algorithms using Graphs, Sine definition, wave, envelops, numbers, random, existing wave file, noise etc.
  • 2) Sine type Sound Source: The complete waveform is created automatically using sine rule.
  • Additionally you can have multiple sine definitions for the same sound making the sound to change gradually from one to other.
  • The basic simple sine wave sound for drums etc can also be produced in this.
  • 3) Graph type Sound Source: This produces sound using graphs, where you actually draw the single cycle waveform shape (a small part of wave).
  • If you know the wave shape of a particular instrument, you can draw that to produce the same instrument’s sound.
  • 4)*.
  • wav type Sound Source directly from wav file) Here you select and use an existing wav file.
  • By adding compensations to this wave’s sound you can produce different sound using that wave sound.
  • 5) String type Sound Source: This is a synthetic string sound generator.
  • Here you define a pattern by choosing Envelop Shape and Wave Shape, sound is produced by applying Envelop to the wave shapes, further the envelop and wave shape are modulated for width and height.
  • You can define multiple pattern sets to produces sound varying from one shape to other.
  • With in each pattern sets you can have single or multiple Envelop and wave shapes.
  • 6) Mouth type: Mouth type is to produces sound like multiple lips vibrating with different resonance synchronized to each other, also attach 2 small wave files as prefix and suffix.
  • Animal sound also can be produced in this.
  • 7) Noise type: Here is a best noise Generator.
  • There are 5 different types of noise can be produced.
  • Multi frequency noise is produced.
  • Noise frequency bandwidth can be set as needed.
  • When noise follows the frequency graph and frequency range/limit very special noises come out.
  • If you download this software remember open and try the sample noise sample.

Installer Size: 30.60 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: Tuetron Automation

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