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Description: Web Form Anti-Spam Crack Serial

    This flexible and easy to use web-master tool is designated for converting arbitrary HTML code into encoded form, unreadable by many kinds of spam bots.
  • Web form spam bots, e-mail harvesting bots are the programs, surfing the web, loading web-pages for parsing and analysis.
  • If a page contains any information suitable for spam purposes, it will be recorded and further used for sending spam posts to forums via online web-forms and for sending spam messages to e-mail addresses found on the page.
  • Web Form Anti-Spam converts HTML code into a script tag, enclosing specially formatted JavaScript instructions, which instruct an Internet browser to show original HTML code as it was designed, making protection transparent for the web site visitors.
  • As distinct from well-known CAPTCHA solution, there is no need in breaking eyes to read smudged, distorted, badly colored digits and letters to be allowed filling and sending online forms.
  • All what is required is a JavaScript-enabled web browser.
  • Web Form Anti-Spam can operate as in GUI mode, allowing encoding partial HTML code, entire local files or web page, as in command line mode, making it a workhorse for web-masters having big projects, who may want to automate protection of several files in a batch.
  • Having detailed and comprehensive documentation, describing all possible operations, techniques and applications, Web Form Anti-Spam will take you only few minutes to learn and start making your HTML content efficiently protected against spam bots, harvesting bots, and even against plagiarism – protected HTML-code is not readable when viewing web page source in a notepad text editor.

Installer Size: 2.83 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Developer: ZERGE.COM

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