Mailbox Guard 1.72 Crack


Description: Mailbox Guard 1.72 Full Crack

    The ultimate tool which lets you fight the cyber scam arriving in emails BEFORE it gets in to your PC.
  • It is effective weapon against SPAM, malware (including viruses, worms, and spyware) and obscenity.
  • Background: The major flaw and immediate cause of most virus or worm email infections is that when message is downloaded by email client – it is already TOO LATE.
  • Malicious code executes before anything can be done to prevent it – so the harm is already done.
  • Mailbox Guard offers a better way.
  • It lets the user see all incoming mail right on the server, and remove unwanted or suspicious messages right there.
  • But not only.
  • It scans and analyzes on the fly every message and rank its risk in four categories:Virus – active malware; viruses, worms, trojans, spyware etc.
  • SPAM – all kinds of unsolicited mail.
  • X-rated – messages with adult only contents X and R rated.
  • Bad Language – messages with foul, obscene, explicit language.
  • Results are presented as a simple color-coded tags (Risk-Level Mapping):3 Red – clear and present danger, contains elements classified as such.
  • 2 Orange – high, contain components that are likely harmful.
  • 1 Yellow – medium, something looks not quite right.
  • 0 Green – low, message appear to be “clean”.
  • It automatically marks for deletion messages that meet predefined criteria.
  • The core component of MBG is a smart, parsing engine, which is trained to recognize patterns specific to messages which carries dangerous or offending contents.
  • Features unlimited email account management, background mail check, notification on new mail, user-definable lists, plain-text preview, html-tag filter, remote preview and delete of all emails from multiple accounts (without downloading to PC).
  • Automatic test and report of connection speed.
  • Scan-status database for all accounts.
  • Master view, and account status line.
  • New, cool looking interface, and more.
  • Get in control over your mail now!

Installer Size: 0.49 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95
Developer: Piotr J. Walczak

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