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    Debt Settlement is a relatively new service being offered in the United States and it has become increasingly popular due to the current economic crisis.
  • The service itself is different from other services with the same goal and so it is very easy for clients to be confused about such programs.
  • Consumers should be fully aware of what this service is and what it isn’t before enrolling.
  • Debt settlement is a program for those with financial hardship.
  • If one does not struggle to pay their bills they should not typically enroll in such a program.
  • This service is one which offers a compromise between one’s current hardship and filing bankruptcy.
  • Monthly payments do not go directly to ones creditors.
  • Payments only go towards two places, fees and escrow funds.
  • The escrow funds are used to settle the accounts, typically in a lump sum, with the creditors.
  • As it often takes months or even years for enough funds to accrue in escrow, some creditors do not see any money at all for a long time.
  • This service does not completely stop creditor calls.
  • As creditors are not getting paid they are likely to call looking to collect money.
  • There are steps settlement companies can take to avoid debt collector calls but the laws to stop creditor harassment typically only apply to collection agencies not creditors.
  • If a person is preparing to enter a settlement program they should also prepare to deal with creditor calls.
  • Note that creditor and collector calls to one’s work place can typically be stopped in debt settlement.
  • Settlement quotes are an estimate only.
  • There is truly no way to guarantee an exact quote for debt settlement as it varies depending on the creditors, the client’s financial situation, and other factors.
  • Therefore the initial quote and payoff time may be better or worse than estimated.
  • In these cases the client would get the remaining funds returned to them or need to make additional payments respectively.

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