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Description: YMusic v2.4.8 + Full Crack

    Listen to Music from Vimeo without the Memory Consumption Vimeo has grown to be just as popular for music as it has for video entertainment.
  • As such, many users of the app find themselves struggling with the fact that it won’t let them listen to music in the background of their device.
  • YMusic is an unofficial app which aims to eradicate these worries.
  • Using an open source music player, you can now download your favourite tunes to your device.
  • YMusic doesn’t just aim to give you direct access to music on Vimeo.
  • It also aims to let you collect and play your favorite songs in a customizable browser, too.
  • That is a nice little feature which will appeal to anyone already used to some of the more streamlined music players available on Android.
  • The main selling point of this app is the fact that you can listen to music in the background on your device.
  • This means that you can now load up other apps and games while listening to music from Vimeo! It’s a feature that has been missing from the official app for some time.
  • Furthermore, it’s also a feature many have been crying out for.
  • What is also impressive about YMusic is the fact that it uses up very little data.
  • The official Vimeo app swallows up serious memory and data on a regular basis, meaning that if you’re browsing and listening on 4G, for example, you risk burning through your allowance quickly.
  • Thankfully, YMusic is built to work around such worries.
  • Downloading and playing music from Vimeo on Android works like a dream.
  • It may be an unofficial app, but it’s a workaround with plenty of charm and features.
  • It’s easy to see how this will appeal to a majority crowd – and if you are already using Vimeo mainly to listen to songs, it’s a good idea to get invested in YMusic.

Installer Size: 6595 KB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 98
Developer: Genericom

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