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    SplitEmail is an email plug-in for Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL that is designed to increase consumer’s productivity with email.
  • With SplitEmail, sender can highlight parts of a message for a particular recipient while leaving it un-highlighted for everyone else.
  • This allows the sender to have recipients quickly focus in on parts of a message that are relevant to them and greatly cuts down on time wasted digging through a mountain of Bcc’d messages.
  • SplitEmail also allows sender to “split” their email and send secure “secret messages” to individual recipients.
  • Using the software, users can mark content as private and confidential for specific recipients.
  • When the email is sent, each recipient is a sent a personalized message that only contains the message content that was meant for their eyes.
  • This is completely different from Bcc where the message content sent to all recipients is the same, and only the Bcc recipient name is hidden.
  • SplitEmail allows you to attach files and documents for specific recipients.
  • No point cluttering your recipient’s inboxes with unnecessary attachments.
  • SplitEmail adds the functionality where attachments can be addressed to specific recipients.
  • “The goal of this innovation was to completely change the way people communicate on a daily basis using email.
  • “ says Remit Mehrotra, creator of SplitEmail.
  • “This is Email 2.
  • 0 – The Next Generation Email.
  • Something like this has never existed before .
  • .
  • and does not exist today.
  • It has the potential to have a huge impact on the way people look at their email communications.
  • “

Installer Size: 6.77 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Developer: Vital, Inc.

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