Resume Manager Pro 3.40.99 + Full Crack


Description: Resume Manager Pro 3.40.99 Full Crack

    Locate perfect employees among multiple applicants automatically with Resume Manager Pro.
  • Save hours of hand work by automating resume processing and management and run complex searches to find an ideal candidate for a specific position.
  • Resume Manager Pro saves time and increases the productivity of a human resource manager, providing assistance finding the ideal candidate for a given position.
  • It automates everyday tasks from entering a new resume into a database to running a search for a candidate with specific skills and experience.
  • No need to open messages one by one, and no more copying and pasting: Resume Manager Pro extracts relevant information from emails completely automatically! Resume Manager Pro receives resumes by quickly and automatically extracting information from email, locally stored files or databases, processes, sorts and filters them, and provides convenient access to all applications.
  • Large companies have thousands of resumes on file, making it impossible to simply browse applications.
  • Resume Manager Pro provides powerful search capabilities allowing you to find an ideal candidate by specifying skills, experience, education, and many additional qualities required for a given position.
  • Automate the entire workflow of your Human Resource Department by setting Resume Manager Pro to receive and filter resumes.
  • Are you getting tons of new resumes daily? Resume Manager Pro can reply back to all candidates with a simple acknowledgement or comprehensive instructions.
  • Duplicates are automatically avoided by comparing each new resume against the contents of a database and updating old copies with new information.
  • Resume Manager Pro is a joy to use and takes almost no time to learn thanks to its Office-like intuitive user interface.
  • Are you dealing with an external recruitment agency assisting you in fulfilling job openings? Access their databases from within Resume Manager Pro and enjoy the same convenient user interface!

Installer Size: 72.00 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Developer: Sarm Software

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