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Description: TextMaster Data Editor -Standard Edition Keygen Crack

    Open, validate, Dedup, split horizontally and vertically, remove columns, reformat, check individual fields, update field values (manually or automatically) of any text file (fixed or delimited).
  • Modify all your marketing, data, mailing, customer or voters lists.
  • Check firewall, web, telecom exchange logs, or any other text file up to 300 GB or 30 million records.
  • Do not split your files to fit into another application – JUST USE THEM.
  • TextMaster is powered by TMQL , SQL like query language which combines the simplicity and power of SQL with the unique characteristics of a text file and flexibility of regular expressions into one powerful language designed to manipulate fixed or delimited files.
  • Besides standard SQL statements SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE, TMQL provides TM Dedup (de duplicates file using field (s) and / or segments of the field (s) as criteria), TM Split (splits horizontally file using field (s) and / or segments of the field (s) as criteria), TM Keep (splits vertically, reformats, rearrange columns, add new columns, time stamp .
  • .
  • .
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  • ) and much mTextMaster provides rapid analyzes and processing of fixed or delimited text files.
  • Features include: checking each record for line length, relevant file dates (created, last modified and last accessed) and provides you with the relevant statistics.
  • SQL features provided by TMQL offer very powerful way for a text file viewing and processing where every line is viewed as collection of the fields rather than one unstructured set of characters.
  • The results of the processing can be logged into an unlimited number of user definable logs and/or stored in profiles for future comparison with other files of unknown origin.
  • An input file can be sliced and diced within minutes depending upon the user’s defined criteria.
  • File processing is breathtakingly fast.
  • For example, a data file with 1 Million lines (99 bytes per line, fixed size) is processed within one minute on Intel Pentium 3.
  • 0 with 512 KB RAM.

Installer Size: 24.18 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows 2003
Developer: EXNP Inc.

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