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    A Vidi window Tools is an ultimate on Fly to use screen snipping tool.
  • Three functions are incorporated into a single intuitive scissors tool: 1.
  • Screen capture, 2.
  • Magnifying/zooming glass and 3.
  • Widget creator.
  • Create and save fully customable Vidi widgets in seconds from your favorite web page or any other window on the screen.
  • Over 250 templates are available and more could be added easily.
  • Use selection tool to make on Fly screen copy, or zoom any part of your screen dynamically.
  • The main purpose of program is to cut specified areas of windows into easy usable dynamic widgets, into the clipboard, to a picture file, or into the picture editor as static captures.
  • Additionally an intuitive screen zooming tool is provided.
  • Intuitive user interface is provides high comfort for both, less and more demanding users.
  • Rectangular, arbitrary or freeform selections can be performed for creating widgets, making screen copy or zooming.
  • Customize your desktop easily to the level you prefer it.
  • Tools are optimized for use with Microsoft Internet explorer family (6, 7, and8) and Google Chrome, and runs on windows XP with .
  • NET 2.
  • 0 (or higher) and on the Vista/ windows 7 family operating systems.
  • Vidi widget allows moving, scrolling and exploring content on the desktop.
  • The appearance of a particular Vidi window could be customized as for example the visual style, border size, and coloring.
  • Adjustments of content and border transparency and luminosity could be performed in an easy and intuitive way.
  • The form could be set or adjusted to a rectangular or free shape.
  • Partial elements of mapped windows could be switched on or off on the display, by a single click.
  • All settings, including screen position and appearance, can be saved or retrieved from a file.
  • The Vidi window Tools utilizes and allows utilization of completely new usage paradigms on the display surface.

Installer Size: 12.84 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Developer: Sun’s Bounties

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